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Road Accident

'South Africans Will Loot Anything, This Is What They Were Spotted With This Time

The video footage shows an incident of looking that occurred which definitely created a bad situation for the driver of the vehicle, and they found themselves crashing and dying in that incident.

So you can understand the situation that the truck driver was in for this situation, and there is no one who was looking to really assist him all the people were interested in was simply looking the truck.

The police have always urgent the members of the public to be very careful and refrain from looking, because it is definitely something that is very concerning to a lot of these companies. Everyone wants a situation where people can crash on the road, and be assisted by the people but when something like this happens it definitely becomes a serious problem for those people.

We hope that more can be done to help out in this incident in terms of the top authorities telling the ordinary members of public to be in a situation, where they are careful of the looking. Because it is a problem, they must come up with measures that can be put in place for people to benefit from such incidences.

The looters started swarming the place as soon as the accident happened basically caused the driver of the truck to sustain some injuries during the accident unfortunately there was no way that he could survive the incident, and this is definitely something that should be investigated.

Community members do not seem to be bothered by any of the activities that are conducted by the truckers even if he was injured and begging for help we doubt they would have been able to help, this is a very strange AMD unsatisfying thing to hear.

Anyway the video shows the community members looting, and no police on site.

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