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When are you visiting the drug-infested Hillbrow?

When are you visiting the drug-infested Hillbrow? This is the original rhetoric question that was passed to the members of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department in response to their pouncing on the street vendors in the streets of Johannesburg. The members of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department are playing the cat and mouse game with the street vendors who are trying to earn a decent living.

The police are removing the street vendors in the name of creating a safe and clean Johannesburg.

Is it cleaning the streets of Johannesburg? Will the removal of the street vendors make Johannesburg safe again? Will the removal of street vendors put an end to criminal activities in Johannesburg and make the place safe for everyone?

If you have been to Johannesburg, you will know the answers to these questions, but if you have never been to Johannesburg be assured that no is the answer to all the above questions.

There are dangerous places in Johannesburg such as Hillbrow known for high criminal activities such as robberies and selling of drugs.

Have you ever seen any news article claiming that the police raided one of the places in Hillbrow and confiscated drugs?

They have not because those places are dangerous. Instead of going for smaller fish which is easy to catch, why not go for the big ones and help curb crime in Johannesburg?

The street vendors are only trying to make a living. Even if they are selling in areas that are not approved by the relevant authorities, they are not a threat to the lives of the people.

Serious crimes are being carried out in those big Johannesburg buildings that need to be unmasked. The state resources are being wasted on the wrong people. The JMPD needs to fish out drug lords and criminals hiding in Hillbrow and other parts of Johannesburg, and let go of the poor vendors.

Compiled by Mahwira.

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