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Most Insane Prison Escapes Of All Time

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Correctional officials defend society by guarding people who must be detained. Those inmates, on rare occasions, use their wits and ingenuity to get out.

The traditional escape efforts — contraband smuggling, extortion, and bribes – can be addressed by correctional department officials. However, they are never educated for the use of fruit, yoga, or helicopters. We've compiled a list of the most insane international prison breaks ever. These inmates thought outside the box in a big way.

March 3, 1934 – Public Enemy #1

We must begin with the man whose misdeeds earned him the infamous FBI designation of "Public Enemy #1." John Dillinger, a bank robber and a murderer, managed to get out of jail twice.

With the help of eight of his friends, he first escaped from a jail in Ohio. He was brought to Lake County Jail in Crown Point upon his second arrest, when officials classified the institution as "escape proof." However, in what has become a legend, Dillinger fled from prison with a fake gun. There is still controversy about what the gun was made of and how he managed to get away, but the general consensus is that he used a wooden gun that had been coated black with shoe polish. The gun tricked the guards, and Dillinger was allowed to leave the prison.

2. June 11, 1962 – The Alcatraz Escape

Three inmates escaped Alcatraz in another amazing story made famous by a blockbuster film starring Clint Eastwood. On an island off the coast of San Francisco, Alcatraz was a maximum-security federal prison. It was thought to be unavoidable because it was surrounded by water.

On June 11, 1962, that all changed when Frank Lee Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin dug a tunnel through a concrete wall with a spoon. They made paper mâché dummies with hair from the prison's barber shop and placed them in their beds to buy time. The inmates then waded into the water in a watercraft they had constructed from of more than 50 stolen raincoats.

The prison guards did not notice their escape until the next morning. A search was launched at that time, but the men were never seen or heard from again. To this day, the FBI and Alcatraz jail officials believe the three men perished in the water. Their bodies have never been found, if this notion is correct.

The three men may have escaped and relocated to Brazil, according to some reports. In 2013, the police received a letter purporting to be from John Anglin. It stated that, despite the fact that all three managed to flee, he was the only one still alive at the age of 83.

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