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Four Hillbrow Armed Robbers Finally Met Their Match Today

Integrated SAPS forces of Operation OKaeMolao intercepted and pounced on four armed suspects in Hillbrow who were allegedly enroute to commit a business robbery on 14 May 2022. Three unlicensed firearms, ammunition and suspected stolen vehicles seized. Many people are tired of illegal immigrants because the other ones will come into this country tries to commit a crime, and that they do not even benefit the country in any way they are just sitting by the streets and doing nothing.

The government is failing to prevent foreign nationals from coming in without any program documentations and you would swear that the government is gaining from all that because, nothing is being done to get rid of the illegal immigrants despite the officials trying their best because some of them take bribes and release the people. Therefore the first thing that should be fixed is the corruption that is happening.

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