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Not again| After hijacking the car, See what the criminals did to the owner of the car

In South Africa, it appears that criminals have normalised crime as the number of automobile hijackings continues to rise, indicating that criminals have normalised crime in the country. In South Africa, it is rare for a date to go out on the town without a case of hijacking being reported to the local police station. People are being kidnapped from their cars left and right, and it is extremely frustrating for the owners to have their hard-earned possessions snatched away from them after years of hard work.

What is particularly upsetting is that some thieves, after snatching cars, go so far as to kill the owners of the automobiles. Some people on social media have also stated that they were forced to lower their rank in order to reduce the likelihood of being hijacked by an attacker. Some claimed that they were forced to use low-cost vehicles and avoid using large and fancy vehicles for fear of being hijacked by terrorists.


According to the statement made after the crooks took possession of the owner's vehicle. They pulled out a gun and pointed it at the car's owner, who was then taken out of the car and placed in the boot of the vehicle. After driving for a while, the auto hijackers abandon him on the side of the road and drive away with the car.

he person quickly wakes up and gets out of the taxi, where he or she calls for assistance. It was said in the statement that the taxi driver dropped the individual off to the local police station. After contacting the car tracker, the car was rescued from the clutches of the hijackers.

According to my opinion, the hijackers' actions were extremely brutal. Instead of throwing him in the trunk of the car, where he couldn't even breathe, they should have driven him to his car and left him there. It's possible that the individual perished while running for his or her own car. Because the hijackers were so nasty, someone could have lost his or her life in exchange for their or her own possessions, which is completely unfair.

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