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Watch : Zimbabwean Robber Strikes In Hillbrow

Taxi: Hillbrow JHB.

The incident has shocked the community members in Hillbrow and has made a lot of people wonder about the criminal Tactics that are being used by the common Street thieves in the area, because this is definitely not the first time we have seen something like this there's a lot of crme that is being perpetrated and you should aware.

Many people forget that the criminals in this area are very brazen and they do not care if they are targeting women and children, they will rob just about anyone if they feel like they are going to make money because then that’s what matters to them the most.

The police officers in the Central Business District are also not very strict in that you find out that they will arrest you and immediately after doing so they will suggest that you give them applied instead of them taking you in and booking you doing all the paperwork which is all hard, and unnecessary because the police officers are also have to sometimes report to the court to serve as witnesses.

The police dread that process so much and that is why they are doing so, you find out that they're taking bribes to release people that they arrested especially in the wake of the victims not being present they know that if no one is there to press the charges nothing is going to get done.

So they might as well benefit from it so we can see that the law is flawed in that regard, and if it's not reformed nothing is going to happen this behaviour is going to be perpetrated for a long time.

The police on the other hand are encouraging ordinary members of the public to give information, that would lead to the arrest of suspects who are involved in the crime.

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