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Theft robbery

Community members caught on camera robbing cash van in front of officers (Video)


Our people are hungry for money nowadays, any opportunity they get they make sure that they go for it. A video has been trending on social media after it was shared by security officers who were driving the vehicle. It is alleged that crimes were already done with the heist. Instead of the people helping out the officers for safety, they too went all in to steal the remaining money.

A large group of men and women were caught on camera jumping on the truck and looting out the money. Officers and other concerned members of the community tried to stop those who committed the crime. Unfortunately none of them bothered to listen, they went in and started looting like there were no officers at the spot watching them.

Hunger and desire to have overnight millions is causing people to never bother what others have to say. These days nobody cares about gunshots anymore, even the police are no longer respected.

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