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Theft robbery

Check out what happened when their new car was caught on fire and this caused a stir

Imagine you worked so hard to secure a job that is paying, in this hard times in south Africa and you decide to buy yourself a car and spoil yourself and family.

Then the next day , you find it burned to ashes and unrecognizable, the heartbreak one would feel to the sight, and the shock of disbelief that would take over one could only imagine.

But for this family this was a true story that left them tramatised.

In Limpopo zone 4 a family woke up to their brand new car burned to ashes by a suspected petrol thief, according to Nkobodi family in seshego, a man left only a helmet in their home trying to steal petrol in their brand new car, which left him setting the car alight in the early hours of Friday,

This caused a stir on social media with some claiming that the helmet too could be stolen.


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