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Child support grants should be increased to R1050 because children are expensive.[Opinion]

In our country, joblessness rate is amazingly high so gatekeepers are dependent upon social assistance grants since they are their solitary compensation source, so they ought to extend them to R1050 so watchmen and children can do what's essential, considering the way that there are no positions and need is also present. In this method they will diminish desperation, since I figure the money will really need to keep them, and since we are at this point defying an awful circumstance a couple of watchmen can't hurt since they are unnerved that any place they can get polluted. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa should intend to help youth assist with Sassa to R1050 since kids are expensive, especially new-imagined kids since medicine, treats, milk and clothing ought to be purchased predictably around the end, since they grow up entirely. Additionally, as shown by me, even a gigantic people will be less impelled in future, since individuals are making young people since they will require better money or enough money to keep their families. 

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