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" AKA Accused Bonang Of Witchcraft And Now JubJub Is Accusing Kelly Khumalo " - Nampree

AKA accused Bonang of witchcraft and now Jub Jub is accusing Kelly Khumalo. South African men always want to blame women for their absurd behavior because they are never raised to take accountability.

Women are known to be the ones who always give love portions and men are always innocent, more especially we witness these things in celebrity lives. Celebrities are facing the same problems as we normal people but because they are always in the lime light, we find it entertaining celebrating their misery.

Even here tweets about witchcraft are always about women doing it to men or it's always women associated with jealousy and being evil, so of course it's easier for men to get away with things. Ngoba they know even society will support them as they dodge accountability.

" My ex lover accused me of bewitching him after I confronted him about drugs he went straight to his mother told her I've used muti on his 2 months down the line he overdosed and died last week his mother told me i killed him i laughed "

Jub Jub did not take any responsibility of anything he did even after leaving Kelly and their child when he went to prison because he was selfish enough to drink, get high and drive but he impregnated her.

So Women never had done any witchcraft on Men ever since these are just story that they made up and why is it so When women insult each other call each other witches if this its just a story I'm asking not defending anyone before you have me for Dinner.

A lot of men do this, to avoid accounting for their actions or to excuse how much the love/d a woman once they've moved on. They don't want to out n out admit that they loved/ desired a woman they were willing to do dumb shit because of that.

You expect men to keep quit why? We also have the right to speak, enough. We cant bottle everything. If Muthi and witchcraft is what some women practice and use against men, let the men speak without being judged, that's his own life experience with that particular women.

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