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People smell something fishy about the big braids of this lady

The pictures of a lady with her hairdresser are circulating on social media platforms and people smell something fishy about such big braids. The country, South Africa is fighting too many battles at once. The crime rate is way too high in South Africa, and for that reason, people are working closely with the police in reducing crime in their country.

After the picture of this lady with her hairdresser busy doing her some big and unusual braids on her head, people started asking questions. Some people were doubting that there is a woman who can just decided to do such big braids out of the blue "is it still beautiful though? Umthwalo wezono (they look so heavy)" asked an influencer.

Twitter users hopped into the comment section and they made it clear that they belive that this lady is hiding drugs in there "last time we saw something like this a person was escorting drugs" said a Twitter user who was smelling something fishy. "it's for drug smugglers" said another Twitter user who was as well smelling something fishy.

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