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A woman stabbed her husband from Malawi to death in Tambo Village


Residents of Tambo Village are on fire following the 31-year-old mother's stabbing (31) old man from Malawi. A resident who didn't like the name was described as a couple quarreled with where a boyfriend stabbed their mother in front of their three-year-old child. Unfortunately, this mother has died because of the depth and wounding.

′′ We are shocked and angry, what kind of cruelty is this a person who is not afraid to hurt a woman, even when she sings in front of such a young child ", said the resident. He drove after the victim left the house he was fighting and ran away trying to save himself from a man's shenanigans but that didn't even help as he saw him among the pictures he was representing. ′′ The place where the victim enters and the victim doesn't succeed, that's why it was easy to find him, and he continued to land ", said the resident.

Although they didn't know the cause of the day's conflict, she announced that the suspect has been abused by her mother and just heard that in the last decade they've had a wife. ′′ I don't know how true it is but it is said that a man brought his wife who lived in Malawi that didn't fit in the victim even as he was not married ′′ said the resident. He said after this man stabbed his lover he ran away even before he was found.

Cape Town police spokesperson FC Van Wyk said police are looking for a Malawi man following the stabbing killed by a woman in Tambo Village. ′′ The victim had a wound of the massacre on the back ", said Van Wyk.

Community Safety Minister Albert Fritz said he will connect with the Social Development branch so that a girl of the victim's daughter gets mental advice.

In pictures, the resident shows us in the photo that started the conflict, and one was where the victim was locked up.

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