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"He said he is just testing me to see if can deal with his anger" A lady finally speaks

A lady who goes by the name of Raji has left people shocked on Facebook. This comes after this lady revealed all about her love life and her getting abused by her boyfriend she truly and dearly loves. This country has an atrocious history of violence. According to the report, South Africa is leading with the highest rape-related crimes.

According to this lady, even though her boyfriend beating her up this bad, but she still loves him, and she doesn't want to leave him "Dear Admin, My boyfriend loves beating me up every day but I love him and I don't want to leave him" said this lady who is the victim violence. This lady went on to reveal what her boyfriend justify it after beating her up "He said he is just testing me to see if I can deal with his anger. He is a sweet guy. Please what can I do? No insult please" revealed this lady.People rushed into the comment section and the majority was so worried about this woman's well-being because it is crystal clear that she is now used to a beating "Jesus help her mind...This is not love, it's abuse" said a worried Facebook user. Some Facebook users were telling this lady to leave her abusive boyfriend before it is too late "You don't need to deal with that. This guy could kill you. There is someone who can love you without hurting you" said another worried Facebook user.

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