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The person keeping human body parts in his fridge has been found in Soweto

He is fuelling the tension that has always been there. I don't know how he survived community justice, people must also be encouraged not to temper with info, him surviving it will help to get all who are involved, imagine you're renting out your back room not knowing your tenant is busy chopping people at the back. That girlfriend who found the remains must be traumatizedI now think the government is involved in killing of people and organ trading people are disappearing this days something the media won't report we can't even go shopping we are scared of being taken but no action from government. Why keep cold blood murderes under police custody in hospital, leave to rot in jail until case, dont give them time to plead insanity, goshThey must check where is the ex girlfriend that he was staying with because this one is new girlfriend, you will never know maybe is her body parts. Dating a new person is scary this days as u don't know what they are capable of. When I thought Rosemary Ndlovu was ruthless not knowing that there is this guy out there

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