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She wanted to tell them she's positive but was afraid they would kill her as they rape her

We sometimes hear of some stories that happens to passengers on taxi's and this is another one of them whereby this lady was raped by a taxi driver and a taxi conductor.

According to this post that's written in Zulu, but let me try to explain as clear as possible what it says, what it says is the this lady who was traveling to Stanger she got into this taxi wich the driver and the taxi conductor allegedly raped her, this happened at the surge cane fields.

It's alleged that they raped her and she's HIV positive and she was afraid to tell them that she's positive because she feared that they might kill her. And she was discovered by security personel on the side of the road and she was assisted. That lady who's with her is one of the reaction unit members.

Sometimes the things you do to hurt others are the ones that will hurt you for the rest of your life, what do you think they are feeling now if they find out about this.

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