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I caught my roommate bathing with blood she forced me to drink it now I am seeing things lady-cries

A 28 year old woman took to social media to share a horrific experience she had when she was sharing a room with a Mozambiquen lady. According to her story the woman was sharing a room with A lady who was from Mozambique she was living and working in Bushbukridge. At first the lady was kind towards her she didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary. But it all changed one night when she caught her bathing with blood.

Then she was forced to drink the blood, she drank the blood because she had no choice. After she drank the blood she started seeing creatures some of these creatures look like people with no legs.

Her life started falling apart after she drank that blood, she lost her job people think she is crazy because she is seeing things.

There are many more stories like this of people suffering from unexplained things, but many people believe that it's witch craft.

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