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Taxi Drivers Messed With The Wrong Community Look At What They Did To Their Vehicles

Taxis set alight in Sisa, North West. Angry members of the community became furious after taxi drivers stopped private vehicles with more than three occupants on their way to work, forcing the occupants to use their taxis in a gangster way.

It is clear that the community members are very fed up with the taxi drivers who are acting as if they're on the road and they have the right to do whatever they want, but the community members cannot do as they please.

This is after the taxi driver stopped a private vehicle that was traveling and was basically carrying three passengers, and they had a problem with that so people cannot basically have cars of their own that is basically according to the taxi drivers.

That is why the community members have taken such measures in order to prove to them that what they have, or what they are doing is definitely not right.

This is something that is very embarrassing for the taxi drivers because it shows their greed, the implications that these taxi drivers may be involved in the destruction of railway systems now they are targeting and attacking ordinary people who are using their vehicles to help their friends and their colleagues out to travel to work.

It doesn't make sense at all they're in a way saying that people cannot use their vehicles to travel and that is a big problem that they have as community members, because they cannot allow this to happen because it gets in the way of their livelihoods and freedom.

They cannot simply come around and claim the ordinary members of the public cannot use taxis to travel to work it is completely appalling and very disgusting in a way, that is why the community members cannot turn a blind eye to this injustice.

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