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Witchcraft in South Africa identified. People are failing to understand what this is.

There are situations that you cannot explain. People fail to understand what is seen in the pictures that have been making headlines recently. This also happens when people do not have a possible explanation of something, they automatically call it witchcraft. Indeed witchcraft exists and there is no need to deny this. People tend to be westernized and forget that some of these things need an African point of view. A lot of people are the victims of witchcraft and they have horrible stories and testimonies to share. These pictures sparked a heated up discussion on social media, after Daniel Marven shared these pictures on his twitter account. Everyone has been sharing their own sentiments. However, not everyone is one the same page. It is fine to be different, as long as you respect other people’s opinions. 

People have been failing to distinguish what this is. It looks more like a leg of an animal, and the big question is “How was it cut, and what is it doing out there”. The reason why it has sparked witchcraft stunts, is the fact that it was seen carried by a human being. People might have plans for it, and not everyone knows these plans. Witchcraft exists, but no one can come forward and claim that they practice witchcraft. ImageImage

“It's a porcupine foot, I used to hurt them back in the day, they would bite their foot off and move on when you catch them with (umgibe) unless you catch them on the neck” said one of the twitter users in the comment section. It is fascinating that one would come up with such a theory, which was not accepted by everyone. This is animal cruelty, if this story is true. An animal would be legless, due to irresponsible behavior of people.


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