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Barry wants to know if black community of South Africa is having a drinking problem

Barry Roux wants to know if the black South African community is having a huge problem when it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages because they are drinking a lot. Just this past weekend, more than 10 people lost their lives at a club in Gqeberha, which involves alcoholic beverages. It is said all the time when it comes to drinking and driving.

When someone who is under the influence of alcoholic beverages does not have full control over anything, within that period of having to be under influence. Almost anything is possible and it leads to something very bad. You may have control in some ways, but you will not have the same attention and focus when you are not under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

Some people do admit that they are having a problem with consuming alcoholic beverages more than they should and the level has become high. Even though some have admitted to consuming it a lot, every weekend people are going to entertainment venues and they are drinking. It is only a few that will have something that does not have to make them tipsy or massively under the influence.


From social media, Daniel Marven once said, "South Africans every weekend are gathering together to consume alcohol, while foreign nationals are discussing growing the businesses they are having." This should be concerning to South Africans, but it does not appear to be so. People still go to entertainment venues.

Even when there is a cold front or freezing temperatures, people will consume alcoholic beverages. Even when it is raining, some people will go out just to consume alcoholic beverages. Barry Roux is correct in wanting to know if citizens consume a lot of alcoholic beverages. Just like when the sale of alcohol was banned, people were not happy and it could have been a turning point.

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