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Road Accident

An Uno Driver was Spotted putting lives in danger on a SA road. Here's what he did.

Its perfectly understandable that many South Africans are living in poverty and therefore cannot afford a brand new vehicle with all it's parts working. However, when you drive on the road, you cannot do things that are illegal as it can cause an accident. Doing something reckless, can put the lives of other people in danger. Here's what one man was caught doing and how South Africans responded.

The Dangerous Uno driver :

In the video, which you can watch by clicking on the link below, we see the man manually operating an essential part of the vehicle.

The person recording the video, in the passenger side of another vehicle, shows us the Uno driver with one hand outside his own vehicle, moving a windscreen wiper up and down. He does this as rain pours down on the road. While it's amicably that he wants clear vision while driving. This is now the right way to do it.

In the screenshot above, the arrive alive website explains that a windscreen wiper should not be operated manually. Of course many South Africans took the opportunity to respond to this, Here's what some of them had to say or click the link to see the video.

What I find particularly sad is that many people saw this as a joke, congratulated the man or shared there own stories doing this. Here's why this is a problem.

The Sad Reality :

Unfortunately the way people responded shows that they have no regard for the rules of the road. The fact that this man was manually operating a windscreen wiper means that he could get distracted or make a mistake, which is especially dangerous while driving in these conditions.

Sadly, I believe that this shows that many people need to be reeducated about the rules of the road. What do you think, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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