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South Africans Are Killed And Robbed With This Self Forged Firearms Every Day(Opinion)

Criminals are becoming more dangerous each and every day in south africa,the south african police services members found themselves had to face and exchange fire with the criminals that are almost equivalently armed as them.

The SAPS is confiscating a very dangerous weapons from the criminals almost every day,the fire arms are all over the country and in the wrong hands of a very cruel criminals.The criminals are now forging and fixing the broken fire arms,some are sellotaped and others are welded so that they can be used to carry out a very dangerous criminals activities.

Durban,Cape Town,Johannesburg and Pretoria has become one of the most dangerous cities around the country,the spiking number of criminal activities can very well attributed to the fast economic dynamics,population and the advanced industrialisation.The ordinary and innocent south Africans remains the helpless victims of street robberies,murders and intimidation carried out with this kind of weapons,the businesses and are robbed daylight and the cash in transit are robberies very popular nowadays.

The killing and the assassination of the members of the south African police services and other security agencies are rising sky high.The government had once gave the criminals and whoever is in possession of the illegal firearms to surrender them without punishment,the stack of firearms ranging from pistols to a very dangerous assault rifles, automatic guns and AK-47s were dropped in a specified areas across the country.

It seems like the returned firearms didn't even make the half of the missing ones as the security agencies still making the discovery of many other illegal firearms.The move by the government has proven to be a futile exercise as the criminals are now refurbishing the broken firearms.the concerned organizations like the Gun Free South Africa is also fought a loosing battle with it's awareness campaigns.

Would it be a wise decision to disarm the ordinary civilians in the crime ridden south africa?

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