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"Will there be hard lockdown restrictions by December?"(covid 19)

Looking at the fact that we're approaching the fesrive season and with so many plans, it wpuld do us good to know our stance with the plans we have for the festive season.Many people are wondering if covid 19 restrictions will be tight by December.The truth of the matter is that we are channelled by the number of covid 19 cases .if the curve of infections flattens we restrictions are more likely to be eased by then.

We all know that festive season is synonymous to alcohol.A lot of alcohol lovers would love for the President's decision to favour them.The president has lost faith in them as alcohol encourage a lot of recklessness which consequently overwhelm the health care facilities.

Another thing that could help us have a beautiful festive season is if we achieve herd immunity before December which is close to impossible as a lot of people are still afraid to get inoculated because of the conspiracy theories created around the covid 19 vaccine.although everyone has the right to refuse vaccination it would come in handy if all of us vaccinated.

Hopefullysome people are still gathering the courage to go and vaccinate.

Do you think restrictions will be lifted by December or we will go on a hard lockdown?

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