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Muvhango: Find out who kidnapped Tenda

Most people ask themselves about who is the angle of justice in Muvhango,it seems like that person is heart broken and he really wants Tenda to pay for what he did to Hulisani and Moiponi, the police starts to suspect James Motsamaye because his voice sounds exactly like James's voice.

Currently Moiponi told James Motsamaye how tanda crushed Hulisani's head and now he wants Tenda to confess so that he could set him free, Why angle of justice kidnapped Tenda? It is because he wants Tenda to confess and go to jail to pay for his sin, remember James Motsamaye told Imani that Tenda bribed judge because he has lots of money.

The only thing James Motsamaye wants, it is Justice for his mother and Hulisani, remember Hulisani helped James Motsamaye with Tenda's information the moment Tenda was trying to blackmail James,so it makes sense to James Motsamaye that Tenda is responsible for Hulisani's death.

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