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Heartbreaking || She Committed Suicide For Being Mocked By Friends. (R.I.P)


A grade 9 student has ended it all aftet the thing they said about her home situation.Apparently her cohorts ridiculed her home and said stuff that didn't agree with her.The student couldn't deal with the entire occurrence that had happened to her in school and she wound up cutting her life short.People are left crushed subsequent to discovering what really drove the grade 9 understudy to end her own life. 

It is truly miserable what befallen the young person as there was nothring she might have done with regards to her home situation.Yet her colleagues ridiculed circumstance and that broke her into pieces which drove her to submit suicide.The student's folks are left in tears as they lose their youngster to the most unfortunate incident.No parent can bear losing a kid and in a such damaging manner which is brought about by individuals that should uphold her 

Tragically no oncle decided to be poor nor come from a helpless home yet her colleagues ridiculed her. 

What are your considerations with this occurrence? Offer perspectives?


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