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Heavily armed thugs arrested in Cape Town, what are they plotting?

There are some persons you know for sure that they are up to no good. When you hear news of their arrest is shared to the nation, huge sighs of relief are made by citizens as they will know for sure that their communities will be safer places. According to a report which was shared by SAfm News on the 16th of October 2021, the members of the Anti-Gang Unit from the South African Police Services are making commendable progress in the fight against gangsterism. The arrests were carried out by the officers while they were out today carrying out their crime prevention duties.

Cape Town has been rocked by violence for too long and law enforcement agents need to up to the task to ensure the safety of citizens.

In today's incident, the police managed to arrest two men. They were heavily armed and they were found in possession of illegal firearms and ammunition. It is widely believed that the suspects intended to commit violent crimes as they were arrested in separate incidents in the same area. The firearms were taken for ballistic testing to ascertain if they were used to commit other crimes in the country. Once results from the ballistic test are out, it may lead to additional charges being placed on the suspects.

In some neighborhoods of Cape Town, there are armed thugs who always terrorise residents day and night. Gangsterism and drug dealing are the talk of the day while residents live in fear.

Firearms are easily accessible and it makes it easy for criminals to access them and use them to commit crime. The authorities should devise ways in which they can remove illegal firearms from the communities.

A firearms amnesty resulted in only a handful of firearms being surrendered in a period of over a year and drastic measures should be adopted to make our communities safe.

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