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Security guard arrested after stabbed 3-year-old boy leads police to mothers lifeless body

It is alleged that, A 29-year-old security guard has been arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend and attempting to murder her three-year-old son.

This really unacceptable, our country has fallen in disgrace. Is this really the future we hope to continue to live u where human life is not respected. I sometimes find myself asking do we still have Laws in our country, coz if we don't we don't see any use for them. They are not protecting citizens or keep criminals behind bars but instead they make sure people are submissive to will of dictators and manipulators. The country is in chaos and we cannot accept they way things are in our country. Simply put the cabinet that makes the laws of this country just don't care because they are not affected.

We are not going to stop talking about these despicable crimes when there are no consequences of committing crimes. A open and shut crime becomes a very long process for conviction. Corrupt, incompetent justice system also the cause of lawlessness in our country.

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