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Motorists Lining Up For Petrol Have Caused A Stir On Social Media

People are queuing for petrol at garages bra, this is why apartheid lasteds for so many decades in this country. The situation that the country is in is seriously problematic for the general public because of how things are at the moment, this is definitely not a way to live your life.

But it seems like we have to get used to a situation where the members of the public are fighting tooth-and-nail for the basic goods and services that they are supposed to be receiving from the government, but they are not receiving them.

The vehicles basically lined up one after another waiting for their turn to put on affordable petrol this was before it was increased by R2 and although it might seem like a small increase to the general public, when you have to multiply that per litre.

You realise that already people were suffering with the current petrol price so for the government to even increase their Price has created a serious problem for the ordinary members of the public, and don't think that since you do not own a vehicle that you are safe from this petrol increase.

Because the opposite is quite the reality, the petrol price increase will only give business people an incentive to increase the prices of their goods and services because they are the ones who are incurring the costs.

So they have to take the costs and put them with the members of the public who are the purchases of those goods and services, which means that at the end of the day it is us who're going to have to be paying more.

And why is that you ask?, well it is the fact that the salaries and wages are not Going to increase they remain the way that they have been - further squeezing the ability of the poor people to live their lives in a meaningful manner.

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