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Top ANC cadre gets arrested, nation in shock after he stole this

When leaders in our society get arrested, many are left in shock. Leaders are expected to live exemplary lifestyles which others may follow suit.

However the case seems different as some leaders are turning out to be the pioneers of crime. This has left many losing faith in politicians and leaders of our communities as they making it look as if the rot has started from the very top.

According to a media statement which was published by the members of the South African Police Services on the 8th of December 2021, a crack down has led to the arrest of yet another top official.

The arrested official is an ANC cadre who is a former mayor of the Nketoane Municipality. This ANC comrade held various top posts within the ANC structures and was viewed as a force to reckon with.He was arrested in the company of his accomplices and he got sentenced for fraud. This was seen as one positive step towards cleaning up the rot that had gripped the Free State Province.

49 year old Mandla Mamba got arrested while in the company of Vincent Mkhefa (46), and Caroline Nketu (52). Yesterday they made an appearance at the Bethlehem Commercial Crimes Court where they were slapped with sentences for charges relating to money laundering, fraud and Contravention of local government municipal finance management act.

In the media statement, it was stated that they got arrested after a whistle blower exposed their shenanigans involving tender fraud which they committed in 2011. They committed the crimes in Nketoane Local Municipality after they did some incorrect procurement procedures in the installation of equipment. Mamba who is a former mayor is further alleged to have sourced a quotation for playground equipment from a supplier who is not attached to this fraudulent activity. A R32 000 quotation was provided and the supplier delivered the equipment which the municipality paid for.

At that same time, a service provider named Nketu was requested to provide a quotation for the same tender contract. This resulted in two quotations being provided which were valued at R198 500 each. A former CFO named Mkefa went on to authorize amounts of R198 500 and R165 600 on two different occasions. Nketu did not render any services to the municipality in the process.

The jury after hearing the arguments went to sentence Nketu to four years direct imprisonment. On the other hand, Mamba and Mkhefa were given eight years of direct imprisonment.

Upon hearing the news, members of the public applauded the detectives who carried out the successful investigation after the whistleblower had exposed the accused. This is expected to be a harsh lesson to all those who hold public offices and are abusing their positions.


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