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Is This Learner Going To Be Arrested For This?

It's difficult to do activities on your own without worrying about who is looking or watching. You can just decide to go out and have a good time in your own manner, only to find out that someone is planning to make you famous without your awareness.

There has been a young woman, whose face or identity is not known to the media. There has been a number of assumptions regarding the picture. People have assumed that the young lady is from school, and she was on her way from writing exams. Some even said she was defeated by exams, judging by what she had in her hand.

However, the biggest concern is that there is someone who sold alcohol to a learner, who was wearing a school uniform. Some said maybe she is already 18 years old, but some said the fact that she is wearing a school uniform doesn't make sense at all, and why would anyone allow a learner to buy alcohol?

Some said maybe she sent someone to buy for her, and maybe she probably didn't enter the liquor shop to purchase the alcohol. What is your input in this whole issue?

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