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Wonder Shall Never End: See What A 72 Years Old Granny Was Caught Selling In Free State Province

Nowadays, unbelievable things keep happening in our country South Africa. Things that barely happens are now part of our daily activities. The country have grown so bad that no one is exempted from committing crime regardless of the consequences.

Actually, we all think that perpetrators of most criminal activities in the country are done by young people, but todays news proved it wrong. An elderly woman was arrested with all of kinds of illegal products at Matlakeng, Zastron in (Free State Province). According to sources, the 72 years old granny was caught with Mandrax pills & 56 bank cards, 3 passports licences, drivers, over 70 IDs, and some cash.

Actually, police revealed that they had no clue that a granny could stoop so low and engage in selling drugs to the society. They were informed by informants and it was confirmed upon their arrival. The behaviour of the granny is something that could be judged with double mind. Do you think the woman would engage in such act if the country is working well? This is the question on everyone's lips considering the fact that she risks jail terms after court session.

As expected, netizens flooded the comment section with various reactions from different angles. See screenshots of people's reactions on the post:

@Recardo, Crime is crime, regardless who does it. Why is Zuma and his cronies not in jail?, this gogo will be crucified for doing this crime and it does not involve billions and she will not get the treatment some folks are getting. She will most definitely go to jail for this crime and I'm not saying she's right or feel any pity on her, she destroyed lives and families in the process of selling these drugs but everyone must be treated equally in court.

@Schutte, What do expect with few cents they get for pension the have to make a plan to make a living, this is the governments fault for not look after the elderly.

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