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Times Live says that, should those who attacked illegal miners faces the law? See what SA says

Should those who attacked 'illegal miners' face the full might of the law, or are they standing up for their communities?

Where is the @SAHRCommission in all this? Why no word from them? Is it because it is blacks behaving like this and in their view it is ok? If this were whites they would have had a hearing scheduled already, Fear the media and their great ability to create an “Us against them” situation and mentality, Government should be cooperating with communities to weed out criminals, instead they are ordered to crackdown on movements that are weeding out crime, therefore defending crime, 

No, you the media should face the full might of the law. For not being honest and silencing South Africans when raise real issues that affect their livelihood. @SAPoliceService, who did not prevent this, should be arrested and not the community. Police failed to do their jobs in the first place. 

It's obvious. Same as the President not reporting a crime to law enforcement but rather choose torture, doesn't make it right. There are rules and laws, without them. Please, I find the rape of the young lady's horrible and tragic and the gang involved must pay for it. BUT Why are the community only doing something now when they have had this huge problem for years. And who hired the models and took them to this isolated place. 

Someone said on Twitter that, Why must they be punished? For protecting their own kasi, find something to write about, They shall not be lawlessness period also applying to police who failed to act when the community cried about these thugs. Full might of which law? Or you're referring to the law that failed to those particular communities. It must be nice there by privileged communities. They did not commit any crime. Those illegals were not supposed to be here in the first place. They should be treated as nothing, not human beings because they are not know at any SA government department. Why would you punish someone who protects his/her property against trespassers but Ramaphosa and his thugs should carry on, appropriate question: Should those who get rid of criminals face the full might of the law?

This seems more personal. It seems what makes you happy is to see SAns being punished. Do you hate SAns this much, that their suffering is your elation.


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