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Amanda Will Not Apologise To MacG - "You're a Nobody to Me"

A disappointed MacG took to his digital recording and vented with regards to the situation which developed last week, which saw his name getting hauled through the mud with assault allegations. The Podcaster requested Amanda du-Pont to apologize to him for obviously grouping him as an attacker when she asserted that she was assaulted and nearly killed by Jub.

In his legitimate letters shipped off Amanda du-Pont, MacG had mentioned for her to apologize to him for remembering his name for her video where she affirmed Jub assaulted her. In the video, Amanda approached all ladies who have been manhandled or assaulted by Jub or MacG to approach and DM her.

Macgyver 'MacG' Mukwevho said on Podcast And Chill that had they realized Amanda endured significantly because of Jub, they would not have utilized the words they did, and they would take care of the matter effectively.

He identified with Amanda yet said it doesn't give her the option to drag his name and make such claims. MacG said he was on the telephone with his mom for 2 hours talking about this.

He then, at that point, gave Amanda an ideal opportunity to apologize and withdraw her assertions and for them to meet in a type of a roundtable. "Amanda, there is still an ideal opportunity to withdraw before I make a lawful move," he said on the Podcast.

In the letters he had shipped off Amanda, MacG professes to endure reputational mischief and she had now impacted "affected countless individuals to now view and name him as an attacker and victimizer." The video she shared doused in tears got more than 2 million perspectives.

Be that as it may, Amanda du-Pont isn't keen on saying 'sorry' to MacG, nor is she keen on gathering up with him. Indeed, she considers the fruitful podcaster no one worth mentioning to her.

In the letters she sent through her legal advisors Marweshe Inc. Lawyers, to MacG, which were shared via web-based media by telecaster Eusebius McKaiser, Amanda expressed that MacG's chuckling and the way in which he answered to Jub's comments "add up to both common and crimen insure against her."

A piece of the letter peruses, "Our customer has done no such things. Any reputational hurt your customer might have endured (of which we don't know) couldn't simply be owing to your customer's own unsuitable conduct."

Amanda then, at that point, said MacG neglected to apologize to her freely or secretly for having facilitated the scene which set off her. Amanda then, at that point, asserts that MacG needs to quiet her as an "assault survivor."

"Our customer dismisses this solicitation. We are told that, to our customer, your customer is no one worth mentioning. She has neither the time nor the tendency to meet with him."

Taking everything into account, Amanda's fight in court with Jub will see MacG getting sued also.

The one individual who apologized to Amanda however was Jub, yet he just apologized for the manner in which he talked about her. He is as yet seeking legitimate activity against her and the two different ladies who blamed him for assault.

"I have set aside some effort to re-watch the meeting and ponder my words explicitly my trade with MacG in regards to Ms Amanda Du Pont. It was unseemly for me to talk about the cosy subtleties of my relationship with Ms Du Pont openly. I profoundly lament the occurrence," he proceeds.

"I additionally apologize to my fans and general society for the unseemly language I utilized during the meeting. With respect to the allegations evened out against me by Amanda and others I have chosen to set aside a space for the law to follow all the way through and I demand the media and people, in general, to do likewise," he finishes up.



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