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Taxi driver who returned the R700 000 he picked in the street seeks protection after this happened

Everyone wishes to pick up a large amount of money at some point in their lives so that they can change their livelihood for good. This however rarely happens because only a few people walkaround with a large sum of money on them.

A young boy aged 18 years named Emmanuel Tolue from Liberia went viral after he picked a huge sum of money. Emmanuel grew up poor and he had very little hope that life was going to change for him anytime soon. He used to ride a motorbike for a living therefore on one of his trips he picked up a huge amount of money rapped in a plastic bag. The amount of money was USD50 000 which is Over R700 000.

The money he returned could have changed his fortune forever but he decided not to use it. After he heard a woman pleading with the nation to help her find the money she had lost Emmanuel came forward and returned the money to its owner. the owner could not believe what the young boy had done for her therefore she gave him money as a reward and goods worth of US$1 500.

As if this was not enough the Liberian president decided to reward him even more. He met up with the young boy in the capital and held him a ceremony. He also gave him US$10 000 in cash and bought him two new motor cycles as well as an educational scholarship. Emmanuel was ecstatic knowing that the good deed he had done had finally paid off.

A lot of people however mocked him for returning the money saying he should have kept it. He has also started facing threats from the people for returning the money and seeks the government to help him be protected. Mostly people are jealous of how someone so young could rise form having nothing to everything in just a day.

The young man ought to be protected as he is a very good example to people that doing good to others will always be rewarded. the good you did will also come back to you. there are indeed a lot of good people out there.

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