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RIP| She was burnt alive on her way from work. See how it happened

The things of this world are temporary, everything except human beings, we are here on earth for a short time. We all know that the time will come when we will have to leave this world.

 We do not know when and how, life and death are a mystery to us. We live our lives knowing that tomorrow is not promised and everyone can go every day.

 The ways we will come out of the world are not the same, many will die a natural death, some due to illness, car accidents, etc. but the sad truth is that some will be killed.

 Sadly, some of us will die a tragic and tragic death, a 40-year-old woman, Jacqueline Mpontsane from Cape Town, died a tragic death. The woman was doused with petroleum and burned.

 According to KEEPTHEENERGY Jacqueline worked for the local security department and assisted victims of Gender Violence.

 Burning must be one of the most painful and tragic ways to die, it is so cruel and inhumane to do this to another person, no matter what they do to you. It's just pure evil.

 May His Spirit Rest in Peace.


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