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Divorce Affair

Witchcraft: Man gets stuck while sleeping with a married lady

Many people in this world loves taking chances hoping they will never caught. Some indeed managed to do so but those who understand life better said there is nothing that can be hidden forever since one way or another truth will always find its way to come out.

There are so many married people who are cheating behind their partners back and never thought they will get caught.

It was unfortunate for a man in Nairobi, Kenya who gets stuck while he was sleeping with a married lady. It is not all days were we hear things like this, but since they say, truth will always find a way to come out, it simple means that this was the day for them to get caught.

It was later reported when husband of the lady confessed that he had approached a witch doctor after thinking that his wife was engaging in extra marital affairs and used a charm to try to catch her by ‘lacing’ her private part.

Indeed witch doctors can make this happen through their supernatural powers. Many have already witnessed some unusual or extra ordinary things done by witch doctors.


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