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Theft robbery

Watch : Gone In 10 Seconds, This Is What You Shouldn't Do In Johannesburg


The video footage shows an incident that has caused a stir on social media has made a lot of people to wonder what has been going on out there, because it is quite clear that the people structures of trends are busy using their criminal ways to terrorize the ordinary members of the public.

People are under the impression where they are unable to use their smartphones in public, because of the fear that the perpetrators of crimes might come around and snatch the phone out of their hands and then proceed to rob the perpetrators of crimes.

Usually do in order to their criminal ways that is the reason why a lot of people are quite alarmed about the way that these criminals have been doing, and now we can also take comfort in the fact that these individuals are in a situation where they are basically compromising the ordinary members of the public.

The suspects can be seen snatching the phone right out of the hand of the victim and then he proceeded to run to the vehicle after hopping inside the car, he proceeded to go and then the victim had no choice but to remain behind because the perpetrators of crimes were long gone by that time.

The incident has become concerning because it's happening at such a alarming rate, and that is why they are safety especially always lacking. The incident has caused a huge stir on social media and has made w lot of people ask themselves about the situation that we are in, the crime that is happening is quiet concerning.

Law enforcements are urging members of the public who might have information that could lead to the arrest of suspects who are involved in criminal activities to come forward, and give that information so that they can be brought to justice.

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