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A lady posted the picture of her kids' birthday party and people notice something else

A lady who how's by the name of National fiance took to Twitter to wish her kids an awesome birthday. This lady then shared the picture of her kids, and looking at the picture it seems like these kids are twins because they look the same and they dressed the same "Happy birthday" said this mother.After this mother posted this picture on Twitter, people didn't hesitate to rush into the comment section to wish these kids a happy birthday, and they just stopped after noticing something they found strange and outrageous. People started wondering what are the beers are doing on the table because this party is for kids.

People couldn't stop asking questions after spotting the bottle of alcohol on the table "Castle eyobani (who alcohol is that)" asked a Twitter user who found this odd. The majority of Twitter users were finding this hilarious its the castle for me" said a Twitter user who couldn't stop laughing. Even though this is just strange but people found it funny anyway "Haiboo castle" said a Twitter user who was in disbelief.

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