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HOT| Sassa Updated Payment Dates For June 2022 Released

June SASSA installment dates: Here's the point at which you can gather your awards.

The advanced age annuity, inability and kids' awards can in any case be gathered from Post Office branches. Here's when to get them.

The South African Post Office will keep on paying out all friendly awards other than the COVID-19 social help of trouble (SRD) R350 award from its branches.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) recently dedicated - in March 2022 - to pay out the normal social awards - more seasoned individual, handicap and kids' awards - from the second day of the month, if conceivable.

"In the event that the second day of the month falls on an end of the week or public occasion, the installment will happen on the accompanying work day," said the organization.

Albeit the installments currently start prior, they actually follow a similar request. More seasoned individuals and related awards will be paid first followed by inability and kids' awards.


More seasoned people - Thursday, 2 June

Incapacity awards - Friday, 3 June

Youngsters' awards - Monday, 6 June

Previously, the principal seven day stretch of the month was saved for the previously mentioned awards before the SASSA began paying out the COVID-19 social help of misery (SRD) R350 award for the month.

Recipients of the R350 award have been urged to gather their awards from retail outlets or have the assets stored straightforwardly into their financial balances.

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