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According to the, Firearms Control Act, 2004, replaced the 1968 law, which permitted relatively widespread access to legal firearms. The current Act requires firearm license applicants to undergo detailed background checks and pass a firearm competency test. In addition, only those 21 years or older can apply for a license. So what went here in this story? How did a 6 year old shot his cousin?

It doesn’t matter whether the gun is licensed or not, the person who has control of the firearm is totally to blame. It was not in a secure place under a locked safe. If it isn’t licensed, the there’s a separate charge for that. Children of five and six think they’re in the movies. Whoever was in charge of that gun must have the whole book thrown at them.

I think that, the owner of the gun should be arrested. How do you leave kids inside a room knowing very well there is a gun laying around? Condolences to the family as this must be the greatest tragedy and a touch learn to learn.

Licence types - The below is a list of types of license a person may own in South Africa:

1. Licence to possess firearm for self-defence- I think that this type of licence is very much relevant as the crime rate in South Africa is very high and one needs to protect themselves.

2.Licence to possess firearm for occasional hunting and sports-shooting - Firearm must be strictly for hunting purposes.

3.Licence to possess firearm for dedicated hunting and dedicated sports-shooting- This sounds like it's for rich people.

4.Licence to possess firearm for professional hunting- This sounds like a lot of fun.

5.Licence to possess firearm in private collection- This sounds like it's for rich people.

6.Licence to possess firearm, and permit to possess ammunition, in public collection- This permit allows the holder to possess any:

  • piece or pieces of firearms ammunition (NOTE: Not required for people who have licences for other guns)

Why are children around such weapons? What sort of adults do they have supervising them? This is beyond Sad and unacceptable.

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