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Road Accident

Don't drink and drive. What happened here was really bad

No he wasn't,he was not in the way at all ,he was exactly within the limits he was suppose to be to inflate air in the tyre if there's a nothing car still filling up petrol .The drunk driver was totally wrong for this but it doesn't make the hyndai driver right

The following day they open a case against you and the camera are evidence wena by that time you don’t have an evidence of that person being drunk

The driver of the blue car is wrong which he saw that as he stopped held himself accountable, as he had the chance to drive away, also the hyundia driver is totally wrong to beat the guy also the car is not badly damaged,

What right does it gives him to assult the guy, slima

He too was not supposed to park his car where he parked, not only did the insurer decline the claim, he was probably arrested for assault....

This guy with white t shirt is weak he supposed to fight back you can't be beaten by another man like that no way, accident and incident happens unexpected alway

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