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Road Accident

Watch : VW Golf 1 Driver Crashes Into 5 Cars At Once

Yesterday in Lenasia, Johannesburg. The video footage shows a very empty street with only a few vehicles passing by and what you see on the side of the road is a lot of vehicles that have parked, and seemingly belong to the people who are inside the establishment.

What is shocking to many members of the public is when a vehicle comes seemingly out of nowhere and crashes into one vehicle which was trying to turn on the road, the VW Golf Mk1 hit that vehicle in the front as it tried to turn right and then it lost control and went straight to the vehicles which were parked by the side of the road crashing into about four more vehicles.

The incident has really shocked people and of course people are now wondering what this individual is going to do, now that so many cars crashed into his.

This is a horrific accident if you're going to watch it from the perspective of the individual who is at fault here, he is going to have to pay a lot of money in order to repair the damage that has been caused for the people that he crashed into.

The suspect is going to have a very hard time explaining to his insurance company how he managed to crash into so many cars when he was driving on a road on a very mundane boring day, it seems like he was rushing somewhere along with his friends when he crashed into five vehicles.

The whole incident has shocked many people and now we’re just wondering what happened in that incident, because the video only shows the crash and not the aftermath of the VW Gold driver's reckless driving.

Ordinary members of the public were fortunate to have survived the incident because it is clear that the vehicle had lost control, and could have easily crashed into anyone and we’re just glad that the people were able to survive the whole ordeal.

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