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Looters Have Done It Again, Check What They Did To Lasizwe's Father Garage

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It seems like looting might be back once again in the country after seeing what Lasizwe experienced.

Lasizwe sent out a Tweet this Monday and expressed how devastated he was after people in Dobsonville broke down the garage of his late father.

Lasizwe mentioned that they stole and took everything inside the garage and they were getting ready to loot the fridges as well.

Lasizwe also mentioned how heartbroken he is about the whole situation and many people sent out some messages to him.

Check some reactions from people below:

Some people who know the garage that Lasizwe is talking about came in hard on him and mentioned that the garage has not been working for a long period of time.

People mentioned that Lasizwe is pretending as he does not care about that garage which is located in Soweto.

Even if the garage was not working, people cannot use that as an excuse for looting and damaging property.

Another thing that most people mentioned is that Lasizwe and his sister Khanyi Mbau failed to protect the legacy of their late father.

Lasizwe's father was one of the very successful businessmen as he was even involved in the taxi industry.

It is very sad that most elders when they die they leave their hopes on us to protect their legacy but we always tend to fail that duty.


We cannot afford to return back to the violent actions that were taking place this year during looting.

Police need to do something about the people that broke down that garage in Dobsonville.

The president mentioned that people who continue with looting will face the law and this might be the right time to do so.

People should also learn to sympathize with other people without judging them.

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