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I had to kill a Warder to receive my stars, now I am a colonel of the 28 gang, locked inmate explain


Some say prison is hard some feel it is were they actually belong. A young man took an interview to explain how he got inside prison and how he ended up joining the game. On a video shared on social media he explained that he had to do whatever it takes for his protection behind bars.

"I have to spill blood in order to be respected and given a rank" he said. Prison life is never easy after getting sentenced to 15years behind bars. That is when I knew that my life will forever change, I was young no experience no nothing. They forced me to spill blood for protection.

I was arrested for murder charges, all together I have killed 24 people. Two of those I killed from the inside, if you don't spill blood you will never receive stars. Either you bring down a Warder or your own brother inside.

What is sad that people who joined gangs behind bars, end up spending the rest of their lives locked. All because of what they believe in, to get tattoos. These people are risking it all as though they get paid to be locked up in jails. Image being proud to be tattooed stars and called colonel in general with papers.

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