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Man kicks pregnant lady in the stomach

A pregnant lady said she was left "shaken" subsequent to being purportedly kicked in the stomach by a veiled man out so everyone can see. 

Natalie Lumley, 28, said she was heading back home through a little space of forest in Tanfield Lea, County Durham, at around 10am on Thursday when the occurrence occurred. 

The lady, who is 29 weeks pregnant with her first child, said she was over and over kicked in the stomach and left shrouded in wounds. 

In the wake of shouting for help, certain individuals went to her guide and the suspect ran away from the area, reports Chronicle Live. 

Natalie then, at that point, must be taken to emergency clinic following the supposed assault. 

Natalie said she has been left 'shaken' after the attack(Newcastle Chronicle) 

She said: "I'm truly stirred up. I actually can't really accept that it's even occurred. 

"I was strolling through the forest close to the functioning men's club. There's some metal bars along there and I saw someone remained there with their face covered. 

"As I was strolling towards him he snatched me and kicked me multiple times in the stomach and multiple times in the leg. 

"I yelled for help and individuals from the club who were outside for a cigarette came running over and he fled." 

Specialists affirmed her child young lady was moving.

At the point when she was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, specialists affirmed they could discover a heartbeat and that her child young lady was moving. 

The mum-to-be chosen to stand in opposition to her assault, trusting that the speculate will be dealt with. 

She said: "They went for my stomach and they haven't taken anything. I had my telephone in my grasp and an Apple watch on and they didn't go for them. 

The pregnant lady was left shrouded in bruises.

"I've needed to return to the shops today and I needed to get my mum and my companions to stroll with me since I'm so restless. 

"I was unable to will rest the previous evening - it was with no attempt whatsoever at being subtle, you anticipate that these things should occur around evening time. It's revolting, it truly is. I don't need it to happen once more." 

Police affirmed a man in his 20s has been captured and along these lines delivered on bail. 

A representative for Durham Constabulary said: "Police were called to reports of an attack in Stanley not long after 10am yesterday on October 14. 

"It is accepted the suspect moved toward the pregnant casualty and kicked her in the stomach. 

"The casualty was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary medical clinic in Newcastle and has since been released. 

"A man in his 20s was captured regarding the occurrence and has been delivered on police bail."

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