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Disturbing video of a child disappearing in a RIVER after being attacked by Hippo while swimming.

A disturbing video of children swimming in a river, and attacked by a wild animal has gone viral. This is unacceptable and these children have crossed the line by swimming in an unsafe place. It is heartbreaking for parents to lose their children in this manner. Natural death is better than an accident, since it is hard to accept that the person is no more. This video was shared by Daniel Marven on twitter, and it received a lot of views and engagements. Children are naughty and that is their nature, especially boys. They put their lives at a high risk and not knowing how much their families care about them. It is pivotal for parents to call their children in order, and prevent such incidents from happening. 

This video clearly summarizes what happens in many rural areas across South Africa and the world. A lot of children are subjected to swimming in dirty water in rivers, due to lack of infrastructure. No swimming pools are available, and this disadvantages the poor. They want to have fun, but cannot do it in a safe environment. River water is dangerous, there are lethal animals such as crocodiles, hippos and microorganisms such as bilharzia, that can cause death. The depth of such rivers are not knowns, and children can easily drown. 

In this video, a group of friends was captured diving into a river and swimming. It was all fun, until one of them disappeared, to only find out that he was attacked by a hippo. People were waiting for him to come back on the surface of the water, but it was a huge surprise to see a Hippo popping up. Everyone screamed and ran away, unfortunately the worst happened to this child. People are heartbroken, to see how these children lose their lives.See the source imageSee the source image


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