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Road Accident

Watch| A number of passengers walking on the roof of a moving vehicle on a busy road

The rules of the road are very important to every one using the road, the rules are in place so that they can protect the people who are on the road at all times, this includes vehicle drivers and passengers.

However, some people seem to not care about thre road rules, even if it means endangering their own lives in the process.


A shocking video went viral on social media, the video showed a number of people walking on the roof of a moving vehicle on the busy N3 highway in Durban.

This video was taken in broad daylight, were a few young men were seen misbehaving, they were walking, swinging and dancing on top of a moving bus.

This occurred at the Spaghetti Junction interchange, the scariest thing is that there were many other vehicles moving on the same road. This is dangerous, and could lead to a huge road accident.

According to the source, occupants of a car travelling next to the bus encouraged one passenger, who was hanging on the side of the bus, swings his legs into their vehicle.

All of this is happening while the bus is moving, and vehicles nearby were taking videos and pictures.

Here are the pictures below:

This behaviour is completely unruly and out of hand, these people must be held accountable for this.


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