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Road Accident

You Will Not Believe What Happened In This Taxi While Passengers Took Turns

A taxi is a mode of transportation that the majority of people utilize on a daily basis to get from one location to another. Some people use it to go to school, while others use it to work. A number of people have reported seeing a lot of strange stuff in cabs. Some of the stories are nearly impossible, while others leave people baffled as to how individuals manage in taxis.

There has been a number of people who have experienced a lot of things in taxis. Some are good, and some are bad. There are so many people who find taxis interesting, and everything that happens in the taxi. There are people who prefer being in taxis, than any other public transport. There are also interesting people, with interesting stories.

In pictures that was shared by a Twitter user. She said in the taxi that they were in, people had to take turns in making sure that the door doesn't fall off. She said men hat to hold onto the belt, and when they all finally got off the taxi, women had to step in, until the next guy got into the taxi and took over from women. What are your taxi stories?

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