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2 Eskom Security Guards & Taxi Driver Arrested After They Were Found With Stolen Cables

Two Eskom contracted security guards and a taxi driver have been arrested after being found in possession of cable stolen from an Eskom warehouse in Rosherville, Germiston. It's definitely individuals who do not care about the way they are affecting Society in a negative way, and that is a problem that we are facing and it really has to be dealt with if people want to see a situation where we are progressing.

Recently everyone is stealing copper cables: gone are the days where an Eskom/Telkom cable will be temporary lying bare on the ground. Now they dig trenches to steal them, kill the people guarding them.

You’d wonder why is it okay for this scrap recycling business to be still operating, despite the other government officials suggesting that they should basically ban the exporting of such metals it still hasn't been honoured and we are still seeing the criminality thrive.

Most of the scrapyard operated by Zimbabweans, Ghanaians, Mozambicans, Congolese, and other Foreign Nationals. They are the one buying the copper cables, now the operations have to be stopped because they are definitely affecting our infrastructure in a very negative manner, and now we have many trains that could not operate because of the attack on the infrastructure.

They're suppose to close down those scrapyards who are buying stolen cooppers and Steel, or they simply need to monitor all those scrapyards by community members alongside the police and since the government is struggling to provide people with jobs this is just another way that they can create jobs.

I think government and the police must deal harshly with those who are destroying infrastructure, and also put more strict rules and punishment to those who own cash for scrap businesses.

But it is not like they're not doing so where they drop the Ball is when the suspects step in at court and they are treated as citizens, who are law-abiding and have constitutional rights.

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