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Minimum Requirements To Own Firearm In South Africa

Crime is at it's level high in south africa and many ordinary citizens are considering to atleast own a firearm for self protection.Though south african government had suggested in the past few years that they should scrap the legislation that allows the citizens to own firearms for peotection,that notion was met with a heavy criticism from the public and other stakeholders.Given the high levels of crime in south africa,it's just doesn't make sense to deny the citizens to own firearms.The government claims that majority of the firearms owners are being dispossessed by the criminals and the firearm will be registered as illegal after the owner reported it missing.The police should however try to disarm the criminals before considering disarming the ordinary people.There are many illegal firearms that are being used during the robberies,and it can't be true that all those firearms came from the citizens who have been robbed.The regulations set out for one to be deemed eligible to own firearm are bit challenging,given the fact that people are going through a lot at are in most cases found themselves in conflict with the law is an obvious barrier and stumbling block.It is required that one should be atleast twenty one years or more to qualify to own a firearm,such person is required to have passed a competency tests,one should also not have a criminal record or some history of having been involved in a violent crime.The other more tense requirements are that one shouldn't have been diagnosed with a depression or a family violence history.It is very much difficult for the ordinary citizens to own firearms than the criminals in south africa,the criminals doesn't require an appeoval of anyone to own firearms,at the same time,the police amd all other security agencies are seemingly unable to control the crime in the country,the requirements for the ordinary citizens to own the firearms should be revised to make sure that the criminals are not more advantaged than the law abiding citizens.

You can read a detailed requirements here:

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