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WATCH: Partygoers Get Whipped On The Behind By Police For Breaking Curfew Hours



During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa, many people were scared of catching the virus and they made wise choices to protect themselves regardless of what conspiracy theorists said. However, as time went on, they realized that the pandemic will be around for a long time and that it is a new norm.

The government slowly opened the country to save what is left of the South African economy, including the sale of alcohol as it contributes massively to the economy. Many alcohol consumers do not like drinking alone at home and want to enjoy their favorite drink in public and paint the town red.

For that reason, many people have been living like their virus is gone. They hardly practice health protocols and hardly wear masks, regardless that ot is a crime to be maskless in public.

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In a video that has gone viral, a group of partygoers locked themselves in a house where they partied past midnight. As the country is on alert level 1, the curfew hours are between midnight to 4 am, but many people continue to be outside of their homes during curfew hours.

In Bloemfontein, a police officer caught a group that was still partying during the restricted hours and hell broke loose. Instead of arresting them, he took out a sjambok and whipped each of them as he pulled them out of the hours they were partying at.


Public's Opinion

The video has stunned a lot of people, and many say that the party was at a private property or rather someone's house, therefore the officer should not have chased them away. Some say those police officers will end up busting into their homes to force them to sleep due to curfew hours.

According to a witness who was at the party, the officer in question is always going around slapping and whipping people that break curfew hours. The tweep adds that in this incident, police were locked outside the gate for over an hour and denied entrance, which is what made the officer angry.

Author's Opinion

The government did not place curfew hours to make life difficult for the masses or to be a dictator. All the health protocols and regulations were placed to protect people from being around strangers in Covid-19 super spreader events because people might infect each other and take the virus to their families.

Let's respect curfew hours before we end up getting whipped by police officers.

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